Who am I? Well that’s something I plan discovering over the next 6 months in Spain, but before I get into that, let me begin by saying the definition of who a person is is constantly evolving. Who I am now is not who I was even a year ago. There are aspects of me that haven’t changed since I was a little girl, like my love for sports, reading (I’m an avid reader and love getting lost in another world), music (although my tastes have definitely changed for the better), and my competitive nature. I recently graduated from the University of Oregon where I played soccer for 4 years, majored in Spanish and “emphasized” in business and math. I was one class short of the business minor and 3 classes short of the math minor. I’ve always been a more reserved creature, always looking before I leapt and analyzing everything I see to the point where I think about any and every possibility both good and bad. This is one of the reasons why I excelled in soccer, but it also hindered me socially because I would never take any chances. This is why it’s no-holds-backs for me from here on out! Now what better way to take a leap of faith than to pick up and go to Spain for at least 6 months?

Which brings me to the question, what am I doing here? Well, starting August 10th I begin my journey across the pond. I fly from Seattle to Portland, Portland to LA, stay in LA overnight with my brother, then fly LA to Paris arriving on the 12th. Now I know what you’re thinking…’Bree you missed the mark by a whole country!’ Yes I know, but that’s how the tickets worked with blackout dates and such. However, with my new attitude in mind, I’ve decided to stay in Paris for the weekend and see as much as I can! Finally, on the 15th, I fly from Paris to Granada, Spain where I will be living with a wonderful and generous host family for the first month. After that…who knows?? I’m there to explore and to simply experience the culture! The purpose of this blog is to document my travels and experiences, and to give my friends and family a constant connection to what I’m doing. so keep checking back every now and again to find out how my definition is evolving!