As promised in my last post, I am going to explain the whole Visa situation, since that was my main motive for going to Málaga in the first place. I should start from the beginning though, just so I don’t leave any juicy fiasco bits out!

First off, if you read my last post you’d recall that my trip wasn’t going as smoothly as I had hoped, but I don’t think I mentioned the fact that the hostel that I stayed in (the only one I found that was remotely close to the bus station) cost €45 per night! I stayed in Paris for less money and that was a hotel! However, as I handed my arm over to the clerk behind the desk I thought, ‘don’t stress, Bree, you’re gonna get your Visa, see the town, and everything is going to be fine.’ Ha! That blew up in my face! Since the consulate is only open from 10am-1pm and my bus arrived around 3pm, I spent the afternoon/evening seeing what Málaga had to offer. I wrote all about that in my last post so if you feel out of the loop you should play some catch up!

After I got home that night, I was planning on getting everything set up and prepared for the following morning, but low and behold, the Internet refused to cooperate even under the pressure of intensely cruel torture conducted by yours truly. Anyways, since I wasn’t getting anywhere with the Internet, I decided to get some sleep and wake up a bit earlier to make sure I had directions and all the necessary documents. Again, that blew up in my face! When I went to enter the address into my locations app on my iPad, the map said the consulate was an hour and ten minutes away…from my current location! Apparently, Málaga is not only a city, but a province as well. I guess it’s true when they say you learn something new every day, but I don’t think it’s hard to believe that I wasn’t particularly excited about this discovery. I allowed myself about 10 minutes of freakout time, then had to pull myself together to make the big decision: do I buy another roundtrip bus ticket to Fuengirola (the actual city of the consulate), or do I pack up my stuff and head back to Granada and deal with it at the embassy in Madrid?

There were a few factors to weigh in my decision, but the ultimate deciding factor was dinero. Remember that my overnight stay in the hostel cost me nearly €50, that in itself was over twice the cost of both my bus tickets put together. If I hadn’t have had to spend that extra €25 on my room, I could’ve used it to get to and from Málaga without a problem. However, that wasn’t the case and I thought it too costly to spend more money on two more bus tickets and another night in a hostel. It just wasn’t worth the extra cost, especially since I will be going to Madrid in about 2 weeks anyways. With that decision made, and the fact that I had to be out of my room by noon, I packed up my things, had a quick breakfast at a café downstairs, and booked my bus ticket back to Granada.

Although the whole trip may have been pointless in terms of obtaining my Visa, I still enjoyed seeing the city and being near the water. I was also happy of the fact that I made my decision smartly, efficiently, and without the help or council of others. Even though it may or may not have been the right decision, or one that you agree with, I know it was the right decision for me at the time and will stand by it completely. I’m finding that I’m learning to trust my own judgement and am gaining confidence in my ability to make the tough decisions on my own. These are characteristics that I’ve struggled with especially the last 4 years and I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in myself for finally growing up and taking productive steps forward in the adult world. I know I can do it, and this is just proof that no matter what happens, or what gets thrown my way, I can get through it and out the other side on my own without breaking down or giving up. I can finally depend on myself with confidence.

To end on a much higher note, next Friday I am going to visit La Alhambra with my friend, Antonio, and will also be making a drastic change in my appearance! Keep checking back to find out what that will be!