Nothing beats a day at the beach. Based on that logic, nothing beats yesterday! Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but yesterday was most certainly the most relaxing day I’ve had since I arrived. Rafa, Gloria and I took a day trip to La Playa de Los Moriscos, the closest and, according to Gloria, the ugliest beach the Granada area has to offer! Haha I don’t much disagree with her, because it was more rocks than sand, but it still beats any beach in Washington by a long shot! We got there around midday and spent the next 5 hours napping in the sun, only taking breaks to swim in the sea or eat our little picnic. It was absolutely perfect and just what I needed after spending full days traveling, walking, working and exploring. Plus, my skin was beginning to look a bit pale so I also got my Vitamin D fix! BONUS!!

By the way, I had a fun time trying to explain to both Gloria and Rafa that my skin naturally goes red, then darkens in the next few days lol they were so concerned and positive that I was burnt! Gloria even offered to give me the bottle of 35 and 45 SPF, which I politely declined. They just don’t quite understand that I have my Dad’s skin that naturally has a redder tint instead of brown like the rest of my family…thanks Dad!! Haha just kidding…sort of 🙂

Today, on the other hand, was a bit of a stressful adventure. To start with, my alarm didn’t work this morning for whatever reason so I got a much later start than I wanted. Then, as I’m packing my purse for the trip I failed to transfer my passport into the I was taking (something I didn’t notice until after I walked to the bus stop of course), so I had to walk back to grab that. Then, I got on the right bus for the bus station…only to find out it was going the wrong direction! What should have been about a ten minute transit turned into 40 minutes! The fun doesn’t stop once I get to the station, though…oh no…I go to buy my bus ticket and the kiosk says the next available bus isn’t until 1:15. It’s 11 am by the way, and the internet said there were buses available every hour when I checked it right before I left the apartment. So I buy my ticket, then happen to glance at the kiosk next to me and see that there is indeed space on the 12 o’ clock bus! What the heck!? However, I did not let it dampen my mood any further and decided I would use the time to get a decent breakfast (I only had an apple as I ran out the door), a much needed coffee, and catch up on some reading while I had the extra time.

The bus ride itself wasn’t bad at all. I was smart and chose a seat towards the front of the bus, (Mom, I’m pretty sure your car sickness is rubbing off on me despite the distance. It has been getting worse and worse since I’ve been here), and spent the ride either playing solitaire or reading. I’m re-reading all the Narnia books and am currently on the third: The Horse and His Boy. I forgot how much I love these books! Once I got here and settled into my room, I decided to explore the city as much as I could since I wasn’t sure how much time I would get tomorrow after visiting the consulate. In comparison to Granada, it feels as though Málaga is a much bigger city, but I’m not too sure if that is actually true and I’m too lazy to look it up. Even if it isn’t, the buildings are much, much taller and have a much more demanding presence than those in Granada. I walked by a cathedral that I literally had to crane my neck to see it all, it was incredible. I felt the need to touch the stones just so I could to make sure it was real, and for some reason, I was once again reminded of Beauty and the Beast lol I now know where they got their inspiration for the Beast’s castle!

The rest of the city, from what I’ve seen today at least, is a unique mix of modern and antique. By antique, I mean more of an historic sence, but everything here has history behind it, even the more modern buildings, so antique is the best way I can think to distinguish the two. Besides the cathedral, there is also the ruins of a Roman Theatre (amphitheater), which was so cool to see and fun to imagine famous plays being performed there!  Got some pictures of both sites and will post them to Facebook along with all my other pictures in collage form. Everything is in the center of the city, so that’s where I naturally gravitated, and spent an enjoyable few hours simply walking and admiring the buildings, people, and overall atmosphere. It’s been a while since I’ve explored a city on my own and I think I rather prefer it. I go wherever I feel like going and don’t feel any need to arrive to any certain destination (unless you count hunger, because that definitely influences my sense of direction). Other than that, I love just being a tourist and soaking everything in; all the different smells, types of buildings, the history, it’s all so much more than I’ve ever felt even visiting monuments and historic buildings in the US…there’s just so much more impact here it’s hard to explain.

Well, after walking around for the last 6 hours and drinking two glasses of wine (I wanted to try rosada [pink] wine and actually found it better than some reds back home) and tapas, I’m beat. Besides, if I’m gonna be at the consulate office by 10 am, I’ve got an early morning ahead of me! lol Don’t hate the player, hate the game! In this case, the game = the Spanish lifestye 😛 I will let you guys know about my VISA situation tomorrow…until then, have fun at work/school! Hahaha