It’s official, everyone, I have been mistaken for a local TWICE! So, in my books, I’m no longer “the foreigner,” “the American,” or ” the girl that doesn’t understand anything so speak super slow and in laymen’s terms so she can have a chance at knowing what we’re talking about.” Ok, so maybe I’m still a bit of the third one, mixed with the second, but I have definitely made leaps and bounds with my understanding of the language! Marta even excluded me from her grouping of “las Americanas” when referring to the other two Americans living with us! I’m pretty sure it’s because she can’t remember their names, let alone pronounce them lol (it’s really funny to hear the family try and say Brooke and Sarah with their accents, they make such known names sound so very foreign!), but I’m not ashamed to say that was one of the best moments of my trip so far! Plus, two strangers, on two separate occasions, have asked me for directions within the city! I wasn’t able to help either of them, but that is completely besides the point and doesn’t even come close to raining on my parade! Ha I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since! It’s helped a lot that my confidence had a major boost after I moved in with Marta 9 days ago, spent a couple days/nights with some of her friends, and have had to play translator between Marta and the 2 American girls, Brooke and Sarah. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned an obscene amount of vocab/expressions specific to Granada and Spain. Having the other two girls in the house has been a nice taste of home though. Being able to have a complete conversation where I always know how to say what i want has been a bigger relief than I’d imagined and hadn’t quite realized I needed. They are my connection to home, and I am they’re very own personal translator. We’ve each called each other our saving graces lol Even as I’m writing this, we’re sitting in a cozy, vegan cafe with Brooke writing a small paper for her classes using me periodically. It’s a give and take relationship haha Seriously, these girls are great though. Rafa and Gloria got lucky with 2 well-mannered, nice and fun American girls (you guys know how that can be hard to come by these days, especially from the states). 

As for my daily activities, ever since I’ve moved in with Marta, my exploring has changed dynamics. I can now be found walking with Marta, one of her friends, or both 🙂 running errands, meeting people for coffee, tapas and/or drinks. I’m no longer wandering around aimlessly with a map attached to my nose, now I’m following someone who knows where they’re going without a single clue as to where I am! But it’s ok as long as they know right? Haha Even just the other night, I was determined to go out for a drink or two at a bar and tried to find my way from memory (a very vague one based on the Single time Marta took me there after zigzagging through all the small streets of the town). So, needless to say, I got a little lost lol but after about a half hour of walking, trying to find something I recognize, I came upon the pub by sheer chanc–I mean luc–I mean I totally knew where I was the whole time I just wanted to see more of that part of town! Shut up, it’s my blog and what I say goes! Anyways, I ended up running into 2 of the girls I met when Marta took me to watch the Granada game! So I went from being the loner girl searching for a bar (yeah, I know, that’s the first step to AA right? Lol NO, not me!) to just another one of the girls talking about anything and everything. It was a wonderful turn of events, and I was extremely grateful to have had the company, even if I really didn’t understand much of anything they were talking about. Honestly, if I guessed between boys, plans for the night, or other girls, I had a 1 in 3 chance of being right. The girls were really great though, letting me stay with them, including me in their convos, and even paying for my drinks, which they did without my knowledge. The people here are truly nice and really know how to make a stranger feel welcome. After that night, I think Marta started to see a bit more of my personality come through and we became more like roomies than two people who happen to share a room. We started talking all the time, exchanging funny videos on YouTube, painting our nails, even telling each other ‘yo mamma’ jokes! (That was my favorite part :P) Over the last 9 days that we’ve lived together, I went from not being able to understand her (the Spanish youth has slang too…makes it real easy to understand with a bunch of kids talking nonsense) to having conversations, talking about boys, how our days are and making plans for when I go to Barcelona. Even she said that even though I have to have a lot of stuff repeated to me, I’ve learned so much since the beginning and have improved significantly. Yes! Score one for Breester! Unfortunately, my roomy has up and left me to study in Barcelona where her mother lives…so I’m hoping that her friends will continue to let me tag along with them as their token American even though Marta won’t be there. This should be interesting lol As for what the weekend has in store, Rafa mentioned something about a tennis tourney at his club and the beach. I’ll keep you posted but looks like it’s gonna a pretty fun-filled weekend! Hope you all are doing well as the leaves start to change!