I’m making friends!! Yes,I know…finally lol but I now have people that I can talk with! Ok, so I mostly listen and try to understand what the heck they’re saying and chime in when they ask me things directly, but it’s better than before! They talk so fast it’s unreal that they can understand each other, especially when it sounds more like broken words in spanish! I’m still having a lot of trouble understanding them, but luckily they speak a little bit of English and can help fill in some gaps from all the slang. They’re really young, 15 and 16, but they’re someone whom I can converse with and see a younger side of Granada with. It’s a start at least. Plus, Rafa’s daughter Marta is here now which gives me yet another person to talk to! She’s a bit older, 17, and super nice! I’m looking forward to getting to know her!

In other news…I got to play tennis with Rafa yesterday! Some of you may know that I played all 4 years in high school, but consistency was never a strong point of mine to put it lightly…then add the fact that I haven’t touched a racket since and I’m sure you can guess how it went! Regardless, it was a blast and I did end up working out most of the rust towards the end. It was a lot of fun and I think Rafa and I bonded over it! I hope we can play again soon and maybe next time we can bring Marta too… What I’m really itching to do though that I haven’t been able to yet is play some futbol! I would love to be able lot just get a ball and find an area if grass to mess around a bit. I feel like with everything being out of my element, soccer is one of the things that could make me feel a bit more solid here. I’m hoping Marta has some friends that play or knows of a place I can go to get my fix! Plus it would give me a chance to exercise outside of walk for hours up steep hills in the blazing sun. Living smack dab in a city that I don’t quite know well enough yet has made it difficult to go for runs. There hasn’t been a field, basketball court, or park that I’ve seen within running/walking distance and the drivers here are loco so I’m a bit nervous running the streets (you would be too if you saw these guys!) In the meantime, I’ll stick to my walking, core work and push ups until I can find a better, much safer alternative. Ciao for now!