Unfortunately, it’s too much money to get lessons from the university, so I’m hoping with the arrival of Rafa’s daughter, Marta, that I can practice my Spanish and in turn, she can practice her English. It’s definitely a win-win situation for us! Plus it gives me a younger perspective of the city and someone to go out with! The job search is proving to be a bit challenging since I don’t quite have a grasp of the colloquial side of the language and don’t have a visa (so technically it’d be illegal work…that’s right I’ve got a bad streak!) but Rafa talked about me possibly being able to find work at a small local bar. I may not be able to speak Spanish like a native yet, but I sure know how to speak liquor fluently!! I know whiskey, coca-cola, rum, they’re all the same no matter where I’m at I love it! Plus that particular job would still give me my days to continue seeing the region and enjoy the sun while it’s here! Perfecto no? Si!

What a night! I spent an entire evening amongst 8 of Gloria and Rafa’s good friends (11 all together after you count the 3 of us) eating an Argentinian styled home cooked meal and talking about anything and everything, including soccer! At first, it was really intimidating, because none of them slowed down their speech like Rafa and Gloria do, they just let it flow which was a bit overwhelming. Then, to make things that much easier on me, (I hope you can sense the sarcasm in that) many Spaniards, or I should say Granadians, omit s’s and d’s when they talk, so Granada sounds like Grana, and anything with an ‘s’ at the end becomes silent! Haha so in the beginning it took a couple of times for me to get the question or what they were talking about, but by the end of dinner and throughout our drinks afterward, I felt like I could understand them much better! I even gained confidence in my speaking throughout the night and was able to talk passionately about soccer, the politics within it, and even get a couple laughs out of them! That last part, now that I think of it, probably means the most to me because I’m so used to being the quick-witted firecracker around people, and lately that hasn’t been the case because I don’t get their jokes, and don’t quite have the necessary grasp on the language yet to make my own. Regardless, with a few more dinners like last night’s, I’ll be fluent in no time!

In regards to that statement, and based on last night’s improvements, I’ve decided to spend my meals with Gloria and Rafa. Ive come to notice that that’s where most of the conversations are (a universal thing if you ask me) and that is where I’m going to be able to learn and practice the most. With that decision, I also realize that it’s going to raise the cost of rent, but weighing my options, I find that the opportunity cost is low and this way I always get fed, (which hasn’t been the case as of late due to me trying to pinch pennies–I mean euros). So win-win for me! I’m hoping that the sooner I get a grip on the conversations, the faster I can get going on that job Rafa was talking about!

P.S. I’m always up for Skyping! Just send me a message and we’ll work out a time that’s good for both of us! You can find me by searching my first and last name, or by my Skype name breearin 🙂