Today was another day of exploration and walking, not quite aimlessly, but just walking about and enjoying the sights. There were certainly plenty to enjoy! I don’t know how far I walked, but my feet would probably tell you it was close to a marathon! I had it in my mind to walk to the alhambra, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Granada (even in Spain), and even with a map I found it difficult to find the most direct way there. I know that if I was going uphill then I was going in the right direction and would eventually run into it, but the whole uphill thing kinda sucked! I did get rewarded with a most amazing view of Granada near the top of the hill! Once I stumbled on the alhambra, it’s really hard to miss its hugeness, I had every intention of touring it, but it definitely did Not cross my mind that I would have to pay just to get inside! Stupid me, thinking i could go everywhere for free lol So, I wandered back down the footpath to the main part of the city and wandered toward Albaycin along the Darro river. I sat under a canopy for a late lunch/early dinner with the Alhambra looming above me on the cliffs. It was a humbling sight and calming presence to say the least.

After leisurely eating my food and enjoying the atmosphere, I found my self debating on whether I wanted to continue on to Albaycin and walk about the district a bit, or head back home and give my feet some rest. My answer came not from my own words, but from something Gloria said to me this morning: Estas en Espana! Debes salir y goza el dia! (You’re in Spain! You should go out and enjoy/seize the day!) So obviously, my answer was simple: I walked on to Albaycin! And what an adventure it was! Now somewhere along el barrio Arabe (a beautiful neighborhood of Arabic influence in its structure) I lost the shoes because it felt way better to go barefoot than keep slipping and rubbing my feet raw. Plus, with 4 years of living in Eugene it sorta felt more natural 🙂 haha but most importantly I didn’t want to ruin these shoes because they’re super cute! You’re welcome mother 😉 So, even though I have a map I sort of stumble upon one of the best vistas of La Alhambra this city has! It had everything from a knee high stone wall to sit and look out, to a man playing upbeat Spanish songs with people singing along! It was wonderful and I got a video of it all so look out for it on my Facebook and/or Twitter sometime in the near future! I went on exploring Albaycin both following whatever caught my eye and using the map and found countless churches with the old-school bells, like in Robin Hood and the Notre Dame, a park for little kids with backgammon, and chess (or checkers if that’s more your cup of tea) boards painted onto the benches and with another beautiful view of the Alhambra, and after some more follow-my-curiosity walking, I found the most beautiful view of the entire city yet. Don’t worry I took a video of that one as well and will be posted soon! It started as a semi sketch side street that I almost walked passed without a second glance due to all the graffiti and all around sketchiness (it’s hard to explain but it just doesn’t feel too great while you’re walking through it with all the taggings on its narrow stone walls) but at the end of the little passage I saw a small open view. I decided to follow my gut and see what more that view came to and it ended up taking my breath away! Such beauty stemmed from something so defaced, it was remarkable.

It’s a good thing that view put me in such a good mood because I got so turned around after that trying to find my way home! Haha It wasn’t hard getting myself to a main street, the hard part was figuring what street that actually was! They don’t mark the streets at every light/corner like we do, so it was difficult trying to decide if I need to follow that street, cross it, or keep going till I hit another street that I need. Eventually, I followed my instinct and headed towards what I thought would be the center of town, which was correct until I found myself steered onto another street (unknowingly at the time of course) and going farther south and away than I wanted! But, with this keen sense of direction of mine…(that’s right folks, this girls got an inner compass!) I put the map away, mostly because it was doing me no good whatsoever, and put myself on the street that I knew would get me home. Turns out, I was right! I say HA to all you naysayers! So, after a long day, albeit well worth the pain, I get to kick my feet up on the balcony of my room, watch the sunset over Puerta Real (that’s where my place is) and listen to the people and traffic below me. Between you and me though, I can’t wait to get to a more quiet, country-like place with more space, less traffic, and less noise…but for now, I’m going to bask in all I have at the moment!