I went on my first shopping trip today to the local mercado! It was a bit strange seeing all the different foods and not recognizing anything beyond the fruit, which even then there were some that I had to ask about. It was fun learning all the different names of the food though so next time I should be a bit more prepared as to what I want to buy…I hope. I think the biggest thing to get used to is using kilos and not pounds and buying milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated…so weird! After we got our food, Gloria explained to me what we’re having for dinner tonight: Gazpacho! It’s a Spanish tomato soup that’s served cold and is typical on a hot summer day! I’m so excited to get my first taste of traditional Spain! In the meantime, we were all sitting/lounging in the pool and Rafa got the brilliant idea of bringing a table out with beers and ham! (Gloria and I called him our little cabana boy!)So we just bathed in the sun and talked about Spanish lessons, travel options and recommendations, and potential connections I could make while I’m here. Gloria even went so far as to say if I wanted to stay in Granada for all 6 months, it’s possible! What a sweetheart! She definitely was pushing me to travel throughout europe though, especially Spain (go figure haha). They’ve been so nice about letting me stay here and asking around for jobs, that the least I could do is cook them a typical, American dish of Washington influence! Especially since Gloria requires it as part of payment for my stay! So I’ll keep brainstorming but if you have any ideas feel free to comment!