Mis padres espanoles estan aqui! My Spanish parents are here! I finally got to meet the wonderfully lovely Gloria and I immediately developed a soft spot for her in my heart. She’s already talking about getting me connected with people around here my age whom I can go out with and hooking me up with someone who can help me talk Spanish for free! She’s been in the door for all of 2 seconds and she’s thinking ahead I love it! I have a feeling my fluency is going to make leaps and bounds for the next few weeks I can’t wait! I have this feeling that I’m going to have a lot more stories to tell now that they’re back in town with 2 more Americans girls coming on the 1st! So rawer aide been doing ok exploring on my own, but it will be really nice to know someone in the city who knows all the hot spots, good (and cheap) restaurants, bars and such, and a little more history than what I’ve read from books and signs.

On another note, I got to talk to Kelyn today which was really nice. I forgot about the drastic time difference though and ended up Skyping him at around 6:30am I think haha…oops! I don’t think I woke him up but he called back around 7 looking a mess! (I know he isn’t going to read this so I’m free to say whatever I want muahahah) It was great catching up though and hearing that he’s been able to practice and play without limitations…which wasn’t the case a week or so ago. Plus, we always make each other laugh so it put me in a really good mood for the rest of the day…enough of one to have me wander into a gelato shop for some Italian ice cream! 🙂 It was my first one all week so you should be suuuuper proud of me and my willpower! I definitely savored every spoonful as I walked around town with a serene, (and slightly smug) smile  plastered on my face!

Anticipate some good stories coming your way over the next few days my friends, I’ve got a feeling my trip has just begun!