Have you ever woken up to about 20 guitars, tambourines, mini drums and a square full of people singing hallelujah in harmony? I have, and it was Wonderfully serene! At first I thought I was dreaming, which wouldn’t surprise me because I tend to have very strange dreams, but when I realized I wasn’t I thought  it was the coolest, gentlest way I’ve ever been woken up! Granted it was about noon, which is a first for me…Yes, even after all those Harry Potter and Twilight midnight showings thank you very much! It’s so weird but hard not to do with such a different lifestyle here. Between the hours of around 2-5 the streets are nearly completely empty (siesta) and restaurants don’t put out their menus till 8 for dinner. You’ll be going throughout your day and all of a sudden it’s 9 pm and you haven’t eaten yet…which is normal..Then you look up again and it’s 1 in the morning! The days go by so fast here, mostly because the sun stays up so late and the people are always out and about. I’m sitting outside right now and it looks and feels like maybe 7 at the latest, but it’s actually 9! I looked out my balcony the other night at 10 pm and there were families just leaving restaurants, kids just meeting up in the square to go out. It’s just so different and strange when I usually go to bed around 11-12 which I used to think was pretty late but not anymore! Like the other night, I went to bed around midnight and at 1:30 I hear Rafa trying to get in through the front door that I’ve already locked up. I open it and he says in a confused tone, “estabas durmiendo?” (were you sleeping?) From his tone of voice it sounded like I was the only one in the entire city that was! So, now that I’ve kinda set my sleep and stomach schedule to match the pace here, things have been a little easier. Although, it’s really hard to wait for dinner when I’m used to eating at 6!

Last night, I went to a local Irish pub to watch the Barcelona vs Real Madrid game with one of Rafa’s childhood friends, which was fun, difficult, and awkward lol it was a lot of fun being in a place that’s filled with futbol fans, especially for a rival game as this one, but it was hard to keep a good conversation going sometimes because I still have a hard time understanding what they’re saying and they don’t all speak English so there was a lot of groping for words! But, the hardest thing was trying to understand their jokes. They would make all these puns and such and I would be so confused! They once got me to admit that I’m going to a nude beach! Suuuuper embarrassing! I got through the night pretty well though…they all said that I spoke Spanish very well, albeit very properly, and that I’ll get the hang of it more quickly when the family gets back from vacay tomorrow night. I can’t wait to meet everybody and get to practicing 24/7!!! And for some home cooked meals, because I have no idea where to shop around here or what places are the best for euro-pinchers like me! Until then, I think I’ll just continue to soak up the rays in the terrace pool and live the leisurely Spanish life!