Ok so since I haven’t been able to post since I left Paris here’s a little catching up post…”previously on Adventures after college” (yes it’s My blog and I can make it a hit tv show if I want to!)

I totally just got felt up by the security officer. I seriously wanted to start telling her my favorite color and that I like long walks on the beach so we could at least get to know each other better! Wow…it all seemed a bit unnecessary too because my outfit consists of sandals, jean shorts, (there’s nothing really left to the imagination there, if I could hide something in and around that area I’ll start calling myself Chris Angel!), and a women’s dry-fit that, again, leaves little to the imagination. So I hope you all sleep aver tonight knowing the security in France take their jobs almost as seriously as the ones in America!

Au revoir, Paris? Hola, Granada!

Ok, so the Barcelona airport has a fricken mall inside it! And I’m not talking about some gift shops or local t-shirt shops, it’s better than the mall we have back home in Federal Way! It was so cool, yet, who thinks to go on a  shopping spree when they’re at the airport?? Their bags are already checked and you’d think they’d have all their clothes there! Haha it was amusing…ok and also super awesome at the same time!

I feel as though I could survive anywhere! So here’s what went down… (nothing sketch mom I promise) I got to the Granada airport around 8pm and the sun was blazing! It was marvelous! Then after a brief panic and sigh of relief I retrieve my bags and go to the pay phone to call my host family so they can open the house when I get there, only to find out that I don’t have enough change to make a call! But never fear, I just grabbed a taxi and politely asked him in Spanish if he has a phone I could use…of course he doesn’t lol so he drops me off in the middle of what looks like the town square and tells me I’m here…hahaha you can only imagine my sense of panic at this point! So…naturally I pay him and set off across the street with my overstuffed purse and two very large suitcases and plop myself down on some steps outside a building. After a couple minutes, I pluck up the courage to ask a teen girl if she has a cell I could use (in Spanish of course) and call the family. I get ahold of the grandmother and after a lot of listening trying to get a grip on what she’s saying I finally work out that she’s about 15 minutes away and I’ll have to wait. What did I do sitting on random steps with all my luggage tagging me as a foreign tourist you ask? Why, I read…duh! Haha and that’s how Gloria found me on the steps, reading my latest book (the magician’s nephew if any of you were wondering…good, quick, easy read). So I spent my first night groping for words and phrases that seemed stubbornly stuck to the tip of my tongue, and made instant friends with the family’s grandmother!

Since Gloria left on Monday night I had Tuesday all to myself! I got all dressed up (I wore my blue, floral print dress…Baely’s favorite ;)…and my strappy brown heels!) and walked around town for a bit! It has been super sunny so I spent most of my morning tanning on the patio while reading. Oh I forgot to mention that the house, or loft, or flat, I don’t really know what you’d call it, is on the 7th floor of a building overlooking the square! From the patio I can see the Alhambra to my left, and the rest of the city everywhere else! It’s beautiful! Plus I even have my own room! What’s so great about Granada, or at least where I am within the city, is that ut looks as though you’re back in Paris or in some big city, but the feel is a small town feel… It’s hard to explain but there’s something peaceful here even through the construction, traffic, honking and people. It kind of reminds me of downtown Eugene on the weekends…hard to explain but just picture a quaint downtown area filled with locals and visitors alike. It’s really quite amazing, and I can’t wait to explore more of the city when the rest of the family gets here this weekend! I hope this helped in getting you all caught up!