I’ve done it! After a bit of bad weather and feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, I’ve gathered up my courage and put myself on a train to Paris! I have to admit I was a bit scared to try the train alone, especially after the guy at the front desk of my hotel said it would be difficult, but I did it anyways and actually know where I’m going! (Ok so that credit should go to Jeremy at the front desk since he gave me a map and circled the 4 hot spots, but being myself I left the map in my room and am doing this completely on memory!) I think I’m starting to get the hang of this French language…at least that’s what Jeremy said when we were talking in English while telling me that we were actually speaking French 🙂 random…but those smilies look weird right?! So my first stop is the Notre Dame! Check out my twitter page for pictures!

Its official… Paris is the most beautiful city in the world! I challenge anyone to go there and not feel the urge to take pics of every building, street, statue you come upon! I honestly could have spent days simply walking the streets and would continually be in awe of the beauty and authenticity of the city! It was challenging enough to try and see it all in less than 7 hours. Once I got off the train at the station just before the Notre Dame I simply just started walking…it was a bit of a journey just to get out of the underground part of the station, but once I figured out ‘sortie’ means exit I was good to go! Immediately after stepping outside, my jaw drops in awe of the building that stands in front of me. I’m not positive but I think it was a church or cathedral of some sort and it was breathtaking! And that was only steps into the city! Now imagine my fascination when I was walking through the Louvre courtyard, or standing next to a marble statue of “the good Samaritan,” or seeing the Iron Lady in person!!! (I’m talking about the Eiffel Tower btw…we’re on a nickname bases now that we’ve been acquainted) Needless to say my camera memory on my iPad was full by the time I got to her at the end of my day.

Like I said I started off near the Notre Dame. However, I never actually found it because I didn’t know where I was going,  but that didn’t bother me one bit! I managed to find my self parallel to one of the arms of the louvre, but didn’t realize it until I actually got inside the museum’s courtyard about an hour and a half later! Haha I gravitated toward a river, the Seine river if I’m not mistaken, and crossed it to Saint Germaine where I came across a garden, theatre (the thespian kind, not movies), and after seeing a fountain through an archway, walked towards it and found myself in the Louvre! I can only imagine what the inside might be like, because I could have just sat outside and wandered around it for days! I snapped quite a few shnazzy photos and took a couple videos to show it’s true vastness and wonder as I looked around. I ended up taking a break at an outdoor café for a ham and cheese baguette and a coke…no judgments I was extremely parched and craving something carbonated…and just sat, ate, sipped, read and soaked in everything around me. That’s one thing that’s different in paris than compared to other big cities, it’s much quieter here, sometimes even silent in a peaceful way. There’s traffic and cars mind you, but even with the traffic and tons of people, there’s a quietness in the air as if it’s showing respect to the buildings that occupy its space. It was amazing really. After walking through the Louvre I stumbled upon the Arc de Triumph and its immensity took me by surprise. The statues placed on either side are spectacular on their own, but together they are magnificent! I only wished I could’ve gotten a better quality pic to show it. After I got through those 2 wonders, I spotted the Eiffel Tower and was a goner. Even at a distance it was remarkable! The moment I saw it I felt a pull towards it. 

At this point in my day I’ve been walking for about 5 hours, my knees are starting to ache and my heels are bleeding from rubbing against my flats…but I HAVE to get to the Eiffel tower! So I start walking in its direction and the closer I get the more giddy I get with excitement! I soon forget about any pain and discomfort and only focus on the huge tower projecting itself over every building in Paris. When I finally get there, it’s as if I’ve opened a door to a whole other wing of a mansion… I could have spent an entire day just exploring that part of the city alone! Nevertheless, after 6 hours of walking I finally stood at the base of one of the most magnificent structures of the world and felt complete. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more satisfied or content than I was standing at its base craning my neck to see her in her entirety. Next time, though, I want to come back with somebody to share everything with. It was amazing to just walk around on my own and go wherever I pleased, but there is just way too much awe-inspiring beauty to keep to myself. So if you’re tall, dark and handsome I’m officially accepting applications! Haha jk……kind of. Well tomorrow afternoon I’m flying out of Paris and into Granada. It breaks my heart to leave this city, but I really can’t wait to see for myself what everyone has been talking about with Granada and Spain in general. I know I’ll be excited to actually be able to understand and speak the language for once! Au revoir pour maintenant!