August 1st. My brother Kelyn leaves for his sophomore season at ucla this afternoon after a spring quarter off to pursue professional opportunities overseas. As I watch him pack I realize how soon I will be doing the very same thing, only this time I won’t be able to leave anything behind for my parents to bring down later, or leave my winter closet and switch it out when I come home for Christmas break. No, this time I will be packing 6 months of clothes, jewelry, shoes, keepsakes and whatnot into one suitcase, a carry-on duffle and purse. A largely difficult task that I have yet to develop any strategy for, nor have I any idea how to begin… Just one more thing for me to research before I go I guess.

Last week I booked the last leg of my journey to Granada, Spain and finally felt the reality of what I’m about to do. My emotions have everywhere on the scale for weeks now, ranging from holy-shit-scared, to anxiousness, to extreme excitement, but to finally feel that this was really going to happen was the most terrifying and satisfying thing I’ve felt since I booked my initial flight to Paris and from Madrid back home. Myself and others have invested thousands of dollars in this trip and there’s no freaking way I’m going to back out now! Oh no, I am going to make the most of every second of every day while I’m there. I’m going to truly discover myself outside my own personal, comfortable bubble! I’m going to take risks and not worry so much about the consequences whether they’re good or bad and I plan on documenting everything I can through words, video, pics, and maybe even song! So stick with me through the next 6 months and let me take you with me in spirit throughout my travels and adventures. I can guarantee good times, great wine, and the best of memories. Check back in about a week to see how the impossible task of packing is coming along as The weeks turn to days!